Parking policy is a system of coordinated measures in the field of static traffic. It is an integral part of traffic and spatial planning at the local level, which regulates the supply of and demand for parking spaces.

Parking has a big impact on life in cities. Cars occupy valuable space that could be used for other activities, underground car parks in residential neighbourhoods remain unused, although they contribute to higher prices of real estate, free car parks encourage car travel also at short distances, and cruising for parking generates traffic and congestion.

Key objectives of parking policy are to improve the accessibility of urban centres, to balance transport modes, to contribute to a higher quality of living, and to support the local economy. City centres with successfully implemented parking policy measures have a more diverse range of public spaces, are more accessible to all modes of transport including cars; housing construction in such city centres can be cheaper and air is cleaner. In a nutshell, a good parking policy improves the city.

The key instruments of parking policy include: number, type and location of parking spaces, parking standards, information, parking fees and fines.

IPoP collaborates in the design of parking policies in various ways. This includes:

  • Studies of demand for and supply of parking places
  • Analysis of the parking beat
  • Drafting of action plans for the implementation of measures
  • Presentations of proposed solutions to elected representatives (e.g. municipal council), political groups, public and media
  • Preparation of municipal parking decrees
  • Research of and communication on parking

We support municipalities wishing to regulate static traffic with analyses, measures and draft parking decrees. We have already helped the municipalities of Vrhnika, Idrija and Velenje. We also support companies from the urban, traffic or architectural fields with our theoretical knowledge and use of our practical analytical approaches.

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