Professional support in the implementation of tasks of the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia to the Council of the EU

Slovenia will hold the presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2021. In this regard, Slovenia is involved in the work of TRIA together with Germany (chairing in the second half of 2020) and Portugal (chairing in the first half of 2021). Part of the activities take place within the framework of intergovernmental cooperation in the field of spatial development and territorial cohesion. During the German Presidency, a new Territorial Agenda 2030 was adopted, and during the Portuguese Presidency, activities were carried out to promote and implement it. During its presidency, Slovenia also actively implements and complements these activities.

IPoP, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Directorate for Spatial Planning, Construction and Housing, provides professional and communication support, which includes:

– Active and substantive professional support to the client at the meetings of working groups in the field of territorial cohesion;

– Preparation and presentation of professional materials and documents (input paper) on the structures of intergovernmental cooperation in the field of territorial cohesion for the needs of meetings;

– Preparation of the draft proposal of the Final report on the implementation of TRIA activities Germany – Portugal – Slovenia;

– Preparation and implementation of agreed communication activities.


Duration: 05 – 12/2021



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