Outdoors 2

Residents of a neighbourhood often notice small things they would like to change to make their surroundings even more enjoyable and personalized to their needs. With the Outdoors project, we want to help implement these ideas and encourage networking among residents in neighbourhoods. Above all, we want them to spend more time outdoors.

The Outdoors 2 project (Zunaj 2) supports local communities in their placemaking activities and is a continuation of the Outdoors project that ran in 2019. The Zunaj 2 project is running with a few upgrades in 2020. This year, the support is € 800  for the materials needed for the implementation of the idea and the consultation on the project implementation, while the community continues to contribute their voluntary labour and leads their project. In 2020, 15 small local actions are receiving support. The projects are once again diverse, while their common thread is to build strong community bonds and improve the open spaces in the neighbourhoods.

The Zunaj 2 project is a project by the City Municipality of Ljubljana. It was created at the initiative of prostoRož and IPoP – Institut for Spatial Policy, which co-finance 25% of the project in 2020. The initiators and implementors of the campaign are Ljubljana residents.

Project website (in Slovene): https://www.ljubljana.si/sl/moja-ljubljana/javne-povrsine-in-utrip-mesta/zunaj/

Duration: January 2020 – November 2020

Photo: Nejc Trampuž

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