Mesta mestom #2 – Catalogue of good practices of Slovene cities for sustainable urban development

We are pleased to present our second catalogue of Cities to Cities # 2: a catalogue of good practices of Slovenian cities for sustainable urban development. The catalogue builds on the approach of the first one, where we presented 13 of the 97 good practices of URBACT cities, but this time it highlights exclusively domestic good practices. As a National URBACT point, we want to spread good practices among other Slovenian municipalities and inspire them to introduce new approaches to sustainable urban development.

At IPoP, we are in contact with many Slovenian municipalities and are often impressed by the solutions that municipalities come up with while facing challenges in the field and in caring for the quality of life of their citizens. Over time, we have come to realize that the practices of Slovenian municipalities are no less inspiring than the good practices of URBACT, and that a better knowledge of them could benefit other municipalities in Slovenia as well. Last but not least, the context in which these practices developed is probably much closer to Slovenian municipalities than those from more remote cities across Europe.

For practical reasons, we have limited this selection to 15 interesting practices, which we believe should be presented to municipalities and experts dealing with urban development. This time, IPoP staff selected the good practices, and the selection took into account the diversity of the content addressed by the good practices, the geographical dispersion and diversity of the municipalities, and the universality of the practice. The latter means that both the challenge addressed by the practice and the established solution are relevant for as many municipalities as possible in our country. This leads to the potential for the transfer of good practices to other municipalities, to which we want to contribute with the present catalogue.

Of course, this time we could not cover all the good practices of sustainable urban development of our municipalities. Therefore, we intend to continue with similar catalogues and the promotion of good practices of municipalities in the future.

The catalogue is intended primarily for Slovene municipalities, so it is written in Slovene. But we do believe these good practices can be interesting for other cities around Europe, so we have written a short English description for each good practice.

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