Protection and Development of the Slovenian Landscape

Protection and Development of the Slovenian Landscape (Varstvo in razvoj slovenske krajine: Izhodišča za oblikovanje krajinske politike ) is a project lead by DKAS, Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects – SALA (Društvo krajinskih arhitektov Slovenije) and co-financed by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. The project answers the recent state of the landscape in Slovenia in terms of the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. It also continues the efforts of the experts, the association and Department for Landscape Architecture of the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana who have been striving for the concretisation of the national landscape policy in Slovenia. The project will result in expert foundations for confirming the Landscape Policy and the Action Plan, in particular:

  1. analysis of the situation in the field of landscape protection, management and planning – arguments and bases for the formulation of a landscape policy;
  2. analysis of international cases of landscape policies;
  3. the concept of Landscape Policy as a first step in the drafting process;
  4. a set of action measures for the first phase of the implementation of the Landscape Policy;
  5. an online portal aimed at promoting the European Landscape Convection (ELC) and communicating support for the preparation and implementation of the Landscape Policy;
  6. video content promoting the ELC and raising awareness of the diversity of the landscape in Slovenia.

Project goals:

  1. Providing the expert basis for the creation of the Landscape Policy of Slovenia;
  2. Establishment of a broad professional alliance for the preparation, adoption and implementation of the Landscape Policy of Slovenia.
  3. Providing the general public and spatial planners with an understanding of landscape management issues.
  4. Promoting the importance of the protection and development of the Landscape Policy of Slovenia and the ELC to the general public and decision makers.

IPoP – Institute of spatial policies is a project partner responsible for the preparation and conduct of the cross-sectoral focus group workshops at the level of four related ministries and of the topical workshops (protected areas management, rural development, heritage landscapes, tourism development) for involving the interdisciplinary network of stakeholders in the process or preparation of the landscape policy outlines. IPoP also collaborates with SALA and the third project partner CIPRA Slovenia (Društvo za varstvo Alp – CIPRA Slovenija) in the promotion of the project activities (co-editing the project website).7

Duration: July 2018 – October 2019

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