LIFE CARE4CLIMATE – Campaigns for active mobility

Building on the nexus between sustainable transport, energy efficiency, renewable energies and sustainable, climate-protecting land use that strengthens biodiversity, the project LIFE CARE4CLIMATE aims to establish an umbrella solution to tackle one of modern societies most pertaining challenges in a smart, cost effective and impactful manner. The proposed project aims to boost the implementation of measures outlined in the Operational Plan for greenhouse gas reduction by 2020 (with a view to 2030) (in the following text OP GHG).

The ambition of the proposed project is to

  • speed up the implementation of adopted measures,
  • address integration of impacts to achieve synergies and
  • mobilise other – non-LIFE funds needed to fill in the implementation gap.

IPoP – Institute for spatial policies takes part in the cluster of sustainable mobility actions, which is contributing to realisation of objectives set in achieving strategic and operational goals of the OP GHG programme in the transport sector. IPoP will prepare and conduct campaigns for promotion of Active mobility based on expert base studies.

Duration: 1/2019 – 12/2027

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