Zdrav šolar (healthy pupil)

The programme Zdrav šolar (healthy pupil) promotes active school travel and encourages pupils’ independence and a healthy lifestyle in an interesting and engaging way. The activities testing novelties of autonomous school travel take place on different locations in Slovenia. In Ljubljana and Nova Gorica, it is the walking bus, where parents or other volunteers accompany children to school. In Ljubljana, we are also testing accompanied cycling to school – biketrain. In Maribor, we are performing the transport of school meals from the food cooperative to schools with cargo bikes. In Izola and Koper, pupils are developing their cycling skills. They learn cycling technics, traffic rules and get tips on cycling culture, and how to avoid cycling traps.

Our partners in the project are Društvo Focus, Društvo Gekolina, Ljubljanska kolesarska mreža, Slovenska zveza za javno zdravje – SZOTK, Zavod Eko – Humanitatis, Studio 12 and Mariborska kolesarska mreža.

Slovene website: http://zdravsolar.si/

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