Library Under Treetops

Library under Treetops is an original and established project of outdoor reading which is entering the eighth edition of reading ventures. This year, the reading scenes dispersed in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia from 25th May to 9th September will be provided by the largest number of tree tops thus far.

Library under Treetops is conceived as a handy reading collection with numerous new books. The house speciality are also local and foreign newspapers and magazines.

It only works in nice weather.

In Ljubljana and Polhov Gradec, both small and big readers will be able to enjoy outdoor reading throughout summer. In addition, the library is again setting off on a journey to the Goriška region.

Where and When

Ljubljana /  24th May – 2nd September

Park Tivoli, Breg promenade, atrium of  the European Union House, Ljubljana Castle, Petkovškovo nabrežje, Trnovska plaža, Park Tabor and reading spaces in cosy corners of the city.

Polhov Gradec / 26th May – 9th September

Park at Polhov Gradec Mansion

Nova Gorica / 26th June – 1st July &  3rd – 9th September

Small pine tree forest in front of the retirement home

Kanal ob Soči / 24th July – 4th August

Playground of Kanal Elementary School

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