Urban Commons – Another City is Possible

It is more than evident that urban environments across Europe are among the spheres exposed to enclosure of the commons, usually for private interests, and often enabled or followed by corruptive behaviour of those who are paid to be the protectors of public interest. Response of the urban communities to these processes varies – spatial development, urbanism, architecture and public sphere in the cities do not always manage to provide proper resistance to these processes through mixture of participation, responsibility and self-accountability.

The attempts to transform urban texture and manage the space while neglecting the basic rights to free association, expression and exercising democratic forms very often succeed to take place. Results are usually such that the benefits are private and the costs collective. In some urban environments there have been encouraging attempts to resist these processes and to reclaim the commons. The panel will therefore serve as open space for exchanging experiences in resisting enclosure and defining some of the ways changes and innovation in public policies, law and socialpractices can shape another model of urban environment that is not predominantly designed by the forces of State and Market.

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