Real Estate and Construction sector in crisis

Office Property Activity in Slovenia

With most headlines focusing on the domestic real estate market, the challenges of commercial property in the aftermath of the economic downturn have gone largely unnoticed. Yet talk to anyone working in this area and it quickly becomes clear that this too is a market in serious transition. More at 

High Prices Despite Low Demand

The construction of new apartments is down significantly yet property prices keep going up. It is not an increase which reflects a greater demand for properties but instead reluctance on the part of sellers to drop their prices. More at

A House of Cards – Construction Sector in Slovenia

Slovenian construction companies are renowned in South East Europe for constructing firm viaducts, bridges and buildings. But over the course of just one year the sector itself has fallen like a house of cards. Of the three leading construction companies in the country, one has gone bankrupt (Vegrad), one into receivership (SCT) and the third (Primorje) has recently been given a six month loan moratorium by the banks. More at

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