Participation in the Coalition for Sustainable Mobility

The Coalition for Sustainable Mobility (KTPP) is an informal association of organisations and individuals striving for sustainable mobility in Slovenia. KTPP members monitor and respond to current processes in Slovenian and European transport policy while increasing exchanging information on developments in the field of transport. KTPP’s main goal is ensuring a sustainable mobility policy in Slovenia.

Mobility is a characteristic of developed societies. It does not include only the construction of new roads, but requires the balanced development of all transport subsystems. In Slovenia, the focus has been and continues to be on road transport development, which helped create the population’s car-based travel habits. Transport is one of the main sources of air pollution in Slovenia, which has an impact on the environment and the health of the population. Therefore, policies must be passed to ensure the possibility of environmentally and socially-friendly mobility.

After the Resolution on the Transport Policy of the Republic of Slovenia entitled Intermodality – Time for Synergy was passed in 2005, the KTPP was established. They publicly call on decision makers, experts and the general public to adopt a sustainable mobility policy, which will evenly develop all the transport subsystems and ensure the mobility of all social groups by setting concrete goals.

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